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Bureau for Specialized Cases of the Legal Aid Service

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On July 7, 2023, the Bureau for Specialized Cases of the Legal Aid Service was opened.
The lawyers employed at the bureau specialize in various areas of law, including criminal law. They handle cases that are initiated based on settlement agreements, as well as cases involving individuals in the capacity of witnesses or victims. Furthermore, they handle cases that arise during the execution stage of a court decision.
In addition to criminal law, the bureau's lawyers also specialize in civil and administrative law. They deal with matters concerning the status of asylum seekers and internationally protected individuals. Their expertise extends to issues related to the granting, termination, revocation, or extension of asylum. They also handle incoming cases that involve disputes related to child custody, determination of visitation rights, foster care, restrictions on parental rights, and confiscation of property. Furthermore, they handle cases pertaining to the placement of individuals in hospitals or the extension of involuntary psychiatric care. They address medical disputes and handle labor-related issues. Additionally, they provide legal support to victims and presumed victims of domestic violence.

The capable head of the bureau is Teona Kvernadze.

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