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In case of need, the person can apply to the legal aid service for the appointment of the lawyer. The application can be filed personally as well as through close relative or legal representative. For this purpose, the interested party should apply to selected bureau or consultation center of legal aid service. 

The application for the appointment of the lawyer shall be done in writing and shall be addressed to the head of the bureau or consultant of the consultation center. It is important to refer to socio-economic conditions, proving the inability of the person to retain a lawyer of his choice, due to which he is asking for the appointment of public defense.

  • If the application meets with the relevant criteria, the lawyer shall be appointed within 2 days from its filing, though in the light of the circumstances of the case, the lawyer may be also appointed immediately.  
  • If the application fails to meet with the requirements, the decision shall be taken on the refusal of the appointment of the counsel. It should be reasoned. The refusal of the appointment of the counsel may be appealed before the director of the Legal Aid Service and if the application is not granted, it may be appealed to the court, in accordance with the procedure established by legislation of Georgia.