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An insolvent person is a member of family registered in the unified database of the socially vulnerable families, whose social-economic indicator is defined according to the Resolution N424 of the Government of Georgia. According to this Resolution:

  • socially vulnerable person is deemed insolvent if his/her ranking point is 70 thousand or less;
  • besides, socially vulnerable person is also considered insolvent in case of holding 100 thousand or less points and if s/he belongs to one of the below listed categories:
    • Member of the family with many children, that has 3 or more children under 18 years old;
    • Veteran of war or military forces:
    • A person with limited capacity status under 18 years of age;
    • Adult with the status of distinct or significant limited capacities;
    • An individual with the status of distinct, significant or moderate limited capacities, if this limitation of capacities takes place from childhood.
    • An orphan under 18 years of age;
    • Internally displaced persons as a result of Russian military aggression against Georgia

Legal Aid for Persons not Registered in the Unified Database of the Socially Vulnerable Families

In exceptional cases public lawyer shall be appointed to the persons who are not registered in the data base of socially indigent persons, however due to hard socio-economic conditions cannot afford lawyer’s service. This is regulated by the Decision #27 of the Legal Aid Service Board adopted on September 9, 2015. This condition applies to the persons who belong to the following categories:

  • Persons who met the criteria of insolvency and their data is available at the archives of unified database of socially vulnerable families;
  • Persons whose difficult social-economical condition is proved by the certificate issued by the local self-governing institutions;
  • Persons with incurable and serious disease;
  • Single mother who has juvenile children;
  • Person acknowledged as a victim of political repressions;
  • Pensioner;
  • Lawyer employed by the Legal Aid Service, his/her family member and relative;
  • Family who lost bread-winner;
  • Beneficiaries of the Program on Rehabilitation and Resocialization of Former Prisoners of  LEPL “Crime Prevention Center”;
  • Beneficiaries of international humanitarian union “Catharsis” (Charity House).
  • Juvenile person who may be a party to civil / administrative cases.