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The New York City Bar Association will cooperate with the Legal Aid service

On August 15, 2023, Director of the Legal Aid Service,  David Simonia met with Chief Administrative Officer of New York City Bar Association,  Robert Ubert,  Chair of New York City Bar Association Criminal Justice Committee,  Christopher Piocci, and the Library Director,  Richard Tusk.
The discussion focused on topics including the mutual cooperation between the New York City Bar Association and the Legal Aid Service. They placed a strong emphasis on the experience in the legal field of migration,  and the legal assistance of Georgian migrants. The hosts mentioned that each year, New York Bar Association attorneys  provide legal aid  to more than 2,000 citizens of Georgia. 
The Association is prepared  to  get actively involved  again in assisting Georgian migrants.  David  Simonia pointed out ,  that the literature housed in the library of the New York Bar Association is also available to the Legal Aid Service attorneys.  
It should be noted that this  is the largest legal library in the United States, and it includes more than 56 million  print books, e-books and DVDs. About 20 million people use the library resources of New York City Bar Association annually.