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Meeting with Locals at the Community Center of Khevi

On November 29, 2018, the LAS Imereti-Zestaphoni Bureau employees – Thea Jangiani and Nana Lutidze held a meeting with the local population at the community center of Khevi village, Kharagauli municipality. The topic of the meeting was violence against women and domestic violence.

The lawyers underlined that violence against women and domestic violence is unacceptable for society. The loyal approach towards violence and abusers which is normalizing violence and makes it a part of the marriage must be left in the past. Violence is unacceptable in a democratic and equitable society. It is especially important that violence against women and domestic violence becomes socially unacceptable behavior and abusers - morally unacceptable people who are unable to have a status of a dignified citizen, neighbor or colleague.

The population was also informed about the LAS activities. They got introduced with criteria for receiving free legal assistance.

Special brochures were distributed and the consultations on various topics were rendered to the citizens.