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The attorneys visited Tamakoni and Kurzu

On May 15 of this year, representatives of the Legal Aid   Service  Mobile Consulting  Center and Poti Legal Aid  Bureau visited the villages of Tamakoni and Kurzu,  Martvili municipality. The attorneys  provided information about the LAS ongoing services to the local population, and also introduced them to the LAS  Mobile Consulting  Center. The locals  were interested in the topics  like: determining the fact of receiving inheritance, banking and contractual relations, issues related to the legalization of real estate, registration of socially disadvantaged families in the unified database,etc.

The discussion was followed by individual legal consultations,  provided to residents by Head of Poti Legal Aid Bureau, Natia Bojgua,  consultant, Salome Janjghava and specialist.  Magda Siordia.


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