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At a meeting hold on in Ketilari village

The Legal Aid Service (LAS) Mobile Consulting Campaign  is still going on in the regions, with the goals of increasing access to free legal aid and raising  the public awareness about the law. 
At a meeting in Ketilari village, Abasha Municipality, on May 14, officials of the Poti Legal Aid Bureau gave the public an update on the services offered by LAS as well as a demonstration of the Legal Aid Service Mobile Consulting Centre.

Salome Janjghava, the consultant from the Poti Legal Aid Bureau, and Magda Siordia, the specialist, offered individual legal consultations to the public at the LAS Mobile Consulting Centre. 
The following timeline will apply to the relocation of the Mobile Consulting Centre to the Martvili municipality on May 15:  
 15.05.24 Tamakoni-14:00 
                 Kurzu  -16 :00
 17.05.24 Lekhaindrao - 14:00 
                TAleri - 16:00 
 21.05.24 Abedati 14:00 
                 Veditkari 16:00 
 23.05.24 BAndza 14:00 
               Salkhino  16:00 
 24.05.24 Nakhuanao 14:00 
               Kitsia  - 16:00 
 28.04.24Inchkhuri  14:00 
             GAchedili  - 16:00 
 04.06.24 Didi Chkoni 14:00 
             Doshake  16:00 

We ask the residents of the mentioned villages to be careful  not to miss the visit of the LAS Mobile Consulting  Center in order to benefit from  highly qualified free legal assistance.

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